During these unique quarantine times, many of us have been at home with our loved ones 24/7. It’s only natural that we are going to get triggered or have our buttons pushed. A lot of the feelings that we have either suppressed, avoided or ran from in the past will undoubtedly come to the surface. So how do you honor your needs and also set boundaries during these unprecedented times? First of all, you must remember that your needs are valuable. If you betray yourself by sacrificing your needs or authentic desires in order to honor someone else, it will end up creating a codependent relationship with the other person. Saying yes to something you should have said no to, will only backfire because it will lead you to feel frustrated, upset, angry and resentful at the other person. Sometimes you have to say NO to someone else in order to say YES to yourself.  The harsh reality is that many times we end up betraying ourselves because we believe we need to be what someone else wants us to be in order to be loved. When you sell yourself out in order to be accepted, approved, validated or loved, you disconnect from your truth and your essence, and you don’t give the other person the opportunity to get to know who you really are. The version of you that they are loving isn’t really you. The only way to truly have an authentic relationship is to honor yourself. Take the opportunity during this season to get in touch with the REAL you.  When you share your truth, that’s when you give the other person the opportunity honor you back. And when you don’t share your truth, you rob them of that opportunity. Ultimately, it’s not their responsibility, it’s yours. The most wonderful gift you can give the world is to be your true authentic self. Dare to be who you really are!    



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