We all know that 2020 has not gone according to plan. It’s actually been a challenging year for so many. Even though we don’t always get to control what happens in life, as we’re seeing this year, we can however control how we respond to any given situation. With that said, this is an opportunity for you to step back, rethink where you’re going, reassess what’s important in life and emerge even stronger. Life is requiring you to let go of who you’ve been, expand outside of your comfort zone to become the next level of whom you were created to be. Because you were created by the Most High God, you have seeds of greatness within you. So don’t be afraid of using the talents that God has blessed you with or living out the dreams that He has placed in your heart. He created you to shine, to make a difference, to leave your mark on this generation. Your gifts aren’t just for you; they need to be shared with the world.



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