Think of PAIN as a teacher. Every level of pain has a message and a reason. Pain doesn’t just happen as some random accident. The pain we feel is the physical manifestation and result of something deeper. The more we resist the pain, the more the pain will persist. And the more we suppress the pain, the more the pain will tend to manifest in other ways. So DON’T IGNORE YOUR PAIN your pain. Whatever emotions and feelings you don’t deal with today, you will have to deal with at some point. The emotions we suppress over time often lead to depression because you become emotionally and energetically blocked. Emotions that we suppress also get stored in our body, tissues, and cells, and in turn, manifest as an expression of pain (your emotions are screaming for attention) in our physical form. Embrace and welcome pain as your teacher. Communicate with your pain to find out what you need to address or shift in your life? ALL FEELINGS REMAIN PRESENT UNTIL FULLY FELT. And as you let yourself feel your feelings (with no judgment), those feelings will dissolve.



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