HAVE YOU BEEN HURT OR BETRAYED BY SOMEONE? Trying to spend your time and energy to right a wrong won’t make the wrong right. It’s what you do in those moments that determine who you are going to be and how you are going to live. KNOW THIS: Hurt people hurt others. That hurt person is projecting their pain onto you which ends up hurting you. Most of the time it has NOTHING to do with you, but more with their conditioning and the past hurt they’re still carrying. You just happened to be the one who triggered that pain. If they haven’t dealt with their pain/hurt or healed from it, not only will they project it onto you, but they are unable to respond in any other way. It’s where they are at that moment in their lives. IT’S NOT PERSONAL. Nothing and no one is worth your peace. Holding onto pain only affects YOU. Your greatest freedom and revenge is to forgive them, release them, and to enjoy your life. Forgiveness is the ultimate act of power. When you try to get revenge, you are giving the other person power. They’re not worth it, nor do they deserve it. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. Acknowledge your pain, be willing to feel the anger (underneath that anger is a deeper sadness), own it, experience it, and then let it go. All feelings remain present until fully felt. All feelings when fully felt begin to dissolve.



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